I'm Anmol

a code designer.

Hi Everybody.

My name is Anmol Sonthalia. I love technology. Since my childhood, I'm super excited about automatic things and curious about new things. I'm a coder and designer. I want to help people. I always dream about making the world a better place.

My Skills

Graphic Design

I was started graphic designing when I was in class 8. First I was started with video editing. Some months later I've started photo editing and then finally I was started designing. I'm good at it. I'm using for my work: Photoshop, PowerPoint, Camtasia, Premiere Pro, etc.


I really love coding. Actually programming is part of my heart. I was started programming when I read in class nine. First I was learned with C programming language. It was great. And now I'm learning web developing and designing. Ahh, I'm so glad I'm here.

Web Development

I formally started web development. I am still learning web development. You can find my progress on twitter. I learned HTML, Java, C, C++, PHP, MySQL, Database System and so on. It is really a superpower. I enjoy doing it immensely.

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